Choosing the Right Tools for Drain Cleaning

We must consider ourselves lucky that we have flush, which is an important invention in public health. Had there been no effective way to separate our waste from the freshwater supply, perhaps we would be living with dysentery, cholera, typhus and multitude of various plagues.

However, many people often fail to pay proper attention to drains of their homes until something goes wrong. Drain serves very important purpose to whisk away all waste water from home through the plumbing system.

If the problem becomes too serious then it may need extensive repair, which often may prove too costly. However, if you know how to choose the right tool for drain cleaning then you can easily handle most of the drain issues all by yourself.

If the drain is underground then there are pipe inspection cameras available, which are known as sewer camera that can help you to inspect the condition inside the pipe. USA borescope has a large range of such cameras available with them.

Following are few different kinds of drain cleaning tools used which are so designed that if any stronger clogs ever get build up in your drain, it can be effectively cleaned.

  1. Basic tools for drain cleaning 

Drains snakes are quite popular tool used for drain cleaning that are used for cleaning toilets and sinks. It is a long stick of metal, which is quite narrow to fit easily in your toilet to push to break up the entire clog.

  1. Electric tools for drain cleaning 

When the clogs are serious and deeper, it needs more power than basic tools. There are few electric drain cleaning tools and machines that can clean such debris from the drain.

  1. Drums 

There are drum machines available that are having diameter of ¾” to 10” and can deliver water a very high level of torque to propel obstructions all through the line by using cutters or cables depending on what type of blockage that you have.

  1. Water jitters

They can work for sink lines that are up to 10” wide and use flexible hose for propelling through soft blockages that may include grease, soap and sludge. They can also flush the line and restore full water flow.

  1. Auto-clean sink machine

It is single drain tool for unblocking that can work in line ranging from various widths for small or large pipes. It will be useful for soft type of blockage like hair, soap or grease.

  1. Pipe threading tools

This tool is useful when you are trying to replace drain or certain section of pipe inside the sewer. It will help in preparing new pipes to join together if pipe replacement becomes necessary.

  1. Pipe freezing kits

If you need isolation of the pipe area to perform repair, then pipe freezing kit can be useful for isolating a section. It will prevent the water flow by blocking off certain section of pipe, and inhibit the work process.

Drains can be a pesky occurrence, and by knowing how to select right tool for drain cleaning can help in clearing obstacles and help restoring natural function.

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