Important DUI Mistakes That You Must Avoid

It is very unfortunate to have got accused of driving under influence. It is a criminal crime and can have severe repercussions. You need strong support in the form of an experienced attorney to deal with the case.

There are some of the top DUI mistakes that have been made by people who commit this offense. Hiring a professional attorney and avoiding these mistakes will help.

Thinking that you will lose the case

This is the first mistake that drunken drivers make. They themselves feel that they will lose the case. That makes them fearful and afraid of fighting the case. They need to know that with the assistance of a knowledgeable, trained and specialized lawyer, they can definitely win the case.

He will stand by you and make the best representation of the case to save you from the charges and punishment. When you get the assistance of a knowledgeable, experienced and properly trained attorney by your side then the possibilities of getting an acceptable outcome increases dramatically.

Extensive research on the qualification of the lawyer, number of DUI cases dealt so far, success rate in those cases, etc. determine the overall verdict of the case.

GoodMan Criminal Lawyers is recognized DUI lawyer that has enormous experience in dealing with DUI cases in Las Vegas. The specialized attorneys at this firm know the powerful strategies to implement to turn the verdict in your favor.

Failing to visit the scene

You need to ask the lawyer if they are accustomed to an area of the accident. If not, then you should ask them if they make plans on evaluating the scene for themselves. You can even send your own investigator to perform it.

Evaluation of the scene provides your attorney with an in-depth understanding of the case. Some of these insights can be the presence of a hole on the road that made the vehicle to deviate from its direction. Along with it, video and photographs of the scene can even prove to be beneficial aid to a jury.

Not filing a pre-trial motion

This type of motion can be filed in almost every case especially when no introductory level hearing was held.

If you did not file the pre-trial motion then it is said to be unsuccessful in regards to not accomplishing the stated objectives such as dismissal, suppression, etc. The additional evidence improves the record that is used to prosecute the testament of an officer at the test.

Not questioning about the legitimacy of the roadside trial

This mistake is bound to happen when you hire a lawyer who does not have any knowledge about the processes and will allow the mistake to go undetected. He may make an opinion in absence of the right evidence to support it.


If it is your first time to get accused under the DUI case, then it is quite obvious to commit a few of these mistakes. This happens when you lack understanding and knowledge to deal with this terrible situation. Learning about these mistakes will definitely help you guard against them in future.

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