Do You Know How Long a Roof Should Last?

We all know that the roof is considered to be an important part of our house as it provides us protection from the outside weather be it is rain or snow. It can also withstand the worst kind of weather during summer under intense sunlight. Also, the roof protects us against strong wind, cyclones, and hailstorms.

Your roof must be resistant to all kind of wear and tear as you will need it throughout the year to remain in the best condition. Also, for various economic reasons too, you will like your roof to last for a much longer time as new roofing is not available at a cheap price.

If you want to protect yourself from expensive repairs then you must invest in a good quality roof right from the beginning. Besides various external forces such as hostile weather, your roofing material is another key factor to longevity.

There are different materials having different durability and toughness. They may also react in a different manner to external elements. Therefore, whether you want to buy a new home or you are renovating an old house, you must think about what kind of roof you must install.

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Let us see in different types of roofs commonly used in Australian homes and what is their life duration under normal circumstances.

  1. Metal roofs

All metal roofs are considered quite a durable material for roofing. Therefore, if you invest in good quality metal roofs then you can at least expect them to survive for 40 years. Usually, they do not need a great amount of maintenance however with regularly taking care, you can easily extend their lives to 50 years.

  1. Slate tile roofs

Slate roofs are also getting popular and they will last for a quite long time if you choose the right quality of slate material. They can survive all kinds of weather or temperature.

  1. Terracotta roofs

Terracotta is ‘baked earth’ and is also expected to last for 50 years. It may look fantastic but it can come at a very high price as compared to its concrete alternative. It is easy to notice that all beautifully designed Italian homes are made with Terracotta.

  1. Concrete roofs

Just like terracotta the life of concrete roofs is also the same, but there are many different varieties available. However, concrete roofs need regular painting as their appearance may deteriorate over a period of time.

  1. Asphalt roofs

Though it is also a popular roof material, however, its lifespan is about 15 to 20 years only. Homeowners who need low budget roofing may prefer this kind of roofing as their choice of material.

  1. Wooden shingle roof

Aesthetically this roof offers a great appearance but they are likely to get damaged due to mildew, mould, or rainwater. They do not have much life and depends upon how you maintain them.

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