Spotify – How Does It Different From Other Music Platforms

Musicians are always worried about where they should release their music. With online stores, you can sell music either digitally or even physically. Spotify is a free music streaming app that started in October 2008 and it has gained immense popularity.

It is a kind of social networking platform and the track you are listening to will automatically feature on your Facebook page. It is a huge platform and more and more people are starting to like it.

At just $9.99, you can use Spotify and if you want more, there is Spotify Premium. You can play it on your mobile phones or connect to your car radio and start listening to Music.

Music Digi

You can sell music online using Music Digi. It is a music streaming platform where you can sell your music to Amazon, Spotify, and 150+ other digital platforms. In just $39 per year, you can upload as many albums as you want with no hidden costs.

Some of the benefits of using Music Digi are listed as under:

  • Royalty Share

When someone listens to your songs, the amount directly enters into your Music Digi account. You get 91% of the total pay-outs and you can withdraw funds easily using PayPal account. The monitoring of sales across different stores and states is also possible.

  • Spotify Windowing

For all the Spotify premium users, they get all music 2 weeks ahead of the official release. You can get your song on spotify just by signing in to Music Digi.

  • Free UPCs

The platform provides free UPC and ISRC codes for all the releases and it is free of cost. You never have to think twice before entering it and you can simply enter on your own.

  • Fast Service

The stores listen to your music and they start with the streaming services in 24 to 48 hours of listening to music. If you need any assistance, the experts are available 24/7.

Benefits of Using Spotify

  • Spotify music is so easy to connect. It is accessible through mobile, iPod, and laptop. You can stream all tunes to any room of your home.
  • You can reach a huge audience. It’s been quite popular in Europe and recently made its availability in America.
  • You can upload your songs for free. Through this platform, you can earn 10% of a cent per song play.
  • You can share your playlists with your friends or on your social media platform to increase music listeners.
  • It has amazing features like taste on boarding, on-demand playlists, assisted play listing, browse using data saver. These features make it an amazing app, thus there is a huge audience that listens to this app. With a huge audience, there is a high chance for you to get more listeners and earn more money.


Spotify is an amazing music service platform for musicians. Go ahead and upload your songs on this platform. To upload your music on multiple platforms you can join the Music Digi music streaming platform.

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