What Causes Washing Machine Drains to Clog and Damage?

Washing machine drains play a crucial role in the ecosystem of your home, especially when it is linked with a septic tank. Inefficient washing machine drain can be due to dryer lint, soap residue, and grease from your clothes. There are complaints about detergent clogging drains, so the question that confuses is what to use liquid or powder detergents.

What damages the washing machine drain?

Use the proper amount of detergent

Use any kind of detergent, but the liquid is more preferable. Nevertheless, the condition is to use the right amount. Check the manufacturer’s manual for the recommended amount. Using a lot does not mean your laundry gets cleaned better, but it will leave clothes feeling grimy.

Caustic chemicals

Certain chemicals like Diethanolamine, Chlorine, and Benxalheyde can damage the machine and drain pipes, so avoid putting them in your washing machine. Some detergents have nonylphenol ethoxylate or phosphate surfactants, which can contaminate septic tank water. This is detrimental to the ecosystem.

Commercial clog remover

In case of drainage issue first check whether the drain hose has no twists, turns, and knots. Replace kinked or damaged hose to curb the problem from worsening down the road. Never use commercial clog removers but Sydney residents can call Wilco Plumber Services. The team uses the latest technology and is one of the cheap plumbers in Sydney.

Excessive bleach

Excessive bleach or other kinds of harsh chemicals can corrode drain and septic tank pipes. Household cleaners include bleach but make sure it is not more or it can impact the residential sewage system.

How to unclog the washing machine drain?

Remove the drain pipe and clean the trap. Rinse it and reconnect it. If still you experience blockage then try the following as the clog is located deeper.

If drains work slowly…….

Sometimes, the drains work slowly. They are not clogged completely. Pour hot water and soda mixture to clear it. Heated water will release scum and soap buildup on the walls, which narrowed the drain pipe.

  • Hot water and works only when you run cold cycles only.
  • In freezing winters, ice can block the drain pour hot water to dissolve the accumulated ice.

If a drain is clogged –

Remove the trap.

  • Side a drain snake down it until you reach a blockage. Now, turn the drain snake around and around, back and forth until all the debris gets removed. It will release the blockage, slide out the snake, and pour water before reattaching.
  • In case the blockage does not budge with the drain snake, choose a commercial drain cleaner. There are different kinds of drain cleaners available in liquid or granular form. When you buy to ensure that they are compatible with your pipe and drainage system type. Pour the product with some hot water inside the drain pipe. Wait for some time. The product does its work. It dissolves the buildup and clears the pipe.
  • Even if you cannot clean the drainpipe, it is time to call professionals for high-pressure cleaning with heavy guns.

Plumber services have the experience, skills, and the right equipment needed for clearing drain clogs.

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