How Familiar Are You with Warning Lights Displayed on Your Car Dashboard?

Are you clear about all the red and orange indications that often is displayed on your dashboard? Usually red sign is a bit serious where you must act fast. Orange lights generally are an indication of certain faults detected by the computer system of your car.

During your driving lessons Braybrook too, all these were briefly touched upon and perhaps many of you may not have given enough attention. However, if you are driving your car regularly then it is important that you must be aware about all these warning signs.

In this article, we shall briefly discuss about few important warning signs that are available in most of the cars in Australia.

1. Engine temperature light

Normally it will be blue sign, however if the engine is too hot then it will turn into red sign.

2. Battery-charge warning light

It will normally indicate problem with your battery itself or with the alternator.

3. Oil pressure light

This symbol will usually light up if the engine oil level is too low and you need to stop driving.

4. Check engine light

Even for any minor fault too, this sign may turn on and hence get your engine properly checked.

5. ABS light

For any issues with your car’s Anti-lock Braking System this ABS light will illuminate.

6. Brake light

Your brake light will usually turn on if you’re parking brake remains engaged or any malfunction too.

7. Airbag light

Illumination of airbag light indicates that there must be something wrong with any of your airbags.

8. Traction control light

If it is illuminating, then this will mean that a problem is somewhere in the vehicle or with computer itself.

9. Security light

If it remains on while car’s engine is in running condition, then car’s anti-theft system must be malfunctioning.

10. Automatic transmission light

For things like fluid level, temperature and pressure inside your transmission is monitored by this light.

11. Low tyre-pressure light

If pressure of any of the tyre is too low then this indication will light up.

12. Fog light

When you turn on fog light, it will light up.

13. Steering lock light

It is anti-theft feature to indicate that you must lock your steering.

14. Low fuel-level light

When your fuel level is too low, it will light up.

15. Low washer-fluid light

Your low-washer fluid light may turn on if your car’s washing fluid is running pretty low.

16. Trailer tow-hitch warning

This indicator lights indicate that tow hitch may be unlocked or there’s issue with your lighting system.

17. Reduced power warning

This indicator light will tell you that your engine computer has very limited amount of engine power output.

18. Seat belt indicator

This indicator light will mean that your seat belts have not yet been secured for any passenger present in the vehicle.

19. Overdrive light

This indicator light will mean that your vehicle’s overdrive system must have been turned off manually.

20. Master warning light

This indicator light is usually accompanied by any other warning lights and will indicate that either one or more than one warning systems were detected.

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