Which Option Do You Find Better Between Chillum and Glass Hand Pipes?

If you are a regular smoker then smoking with the same device can be a little boring and therefore you may like to buy a variety of devices to smoke.

Each kind of pipe can be having certain special features- some of them can be easier to carry, while some can be easily concealed. Few others may offer you a wonderful smoking experience.

From any head shop near me you can find various options for both pipes and chillums that you can use for smoking any of your favorite weeds.

What is chillum?

Your chillum is straight pipe which can usually fit in your palm of hand. Typically, they have got no rush hole, that can be packed vertically, and smoked horizontally.

Since the mouthpiece will face same direction as your bowl pack, unlike by using hand pipes that can be perpendicular. Chillums can offer you quick and smooth smoking experience, and can make for really great pipes for the one who is on the move.

Comparison between chillums and glass hand pipes

Let us make a comparison between these two smoking devices under following few parameters.

      1. Variety

So far variety is concerned, hand pipes certainly have the slightly upper hand due to following reasons:

  • Hand pipes are larger and are easily customizable
  • They were available since long
  • Each pipe type is technically having its own group

Mostly all chillums are more or less the same. You can find slight differences in their length, width or depth of bowl pack.

      2. Ease of Use

Usually, chillums are less than 3” to 4” long, with ½” diameter. Hence, you can easily conceal in the pockets, purses or backpacks etc.

Hand pipes can also be carried but they are bit larger as compared to chillums, hence it is bit difficult to conceal.

Therefore, chillums are certainly better pipe while traveling.

      3. Price

Chillums and pipes both are available in affordable price. Pipes may cost within the range of $20 to $50 and few upper end pipes can also be higher than $50.

Chillums are also available within same price ranges and any handcrafted one may cost bit higher.

      4. Quality

Quality of pipe or chillum may largely depend upon the producer, or the shop from where you purchase and how nicely it is packed.

Within the price range of $20-$50 both pipes and chillums of high quality can be obtained.

However, if you compare the quality, then pipes have slight edge over chillum. Also, hand pipes are easier to clean.

      5. Experience

For regular smokers, single pack of chillum will not be enough but hand pipe having deep pack can be more than just enough.

For beginners a large pack may be very high to handle, and for them chillum is able to hold the right amount that they need.

      6. Durability

Chillums are generally little more durable as compared to hand pipes, as they are smaller. Since mostly they are of thicker glass, hence their design will allow for lesser open space, that can cause fractures within the glass.

Few best hand pipes may also have similar durability and longevity.

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