Prep Your House for Spring Painting

Spring is here and with it comes thoughts of sprucing up the property. Among the flower beds, gardens, hedges and lawn, there is also your house. If your house needs sprucing, retouching or repainting, you have searched on “painters near me in Marietta, GA,” located a painter, and are just waiting for the project to start, here is what you need to do.

Plan Smartly

You should also set up a general schedule of spring projects and plan your paint job to go first. You do not want scaffolding and ladders trampling or crushing your flower beds and landscaping. If you plan the painting first, you will ensure that it will not get in the way of any of your other spring work projects.

Mark Out the Work

If your entire house needs painting, this step is not necessary, but if you are just touching up, clearly mark what needs to be painted. Go over that list with your painting supervisor or if it is a one-man operation, the painter. Make sure there is no way anyone can get confused as to what they are supposed to be treating, prepping or painting.

Find the Painter

If you have someone in mind, great, but if not, search the internet. Use search terms like “house painters near me in Marietta, GA,” or External Painters in Marietta, etc. Once you have a list, make some calls and set up some estimate visits.

Treat Painting Like a Project

You should use whatever approach you use for regular home projects for your painting project. If you do not use any other project management techniques for home projects, treat your paint job as an official project.

That means you need to establish a:

  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Materials List
  • Benchmarks
  • Quality Standards for Final Payment

Clear Your Perimeter

Make sure that painters can move freely around your home’s perimeter. Clear everything you can away from the external walls and leave a swath of a minimum of three feet wherever possible. The wider that swath, the more likely it is moving equipment around will not damage anything.

Clean It

Unless your painting crew has prep work included in any estimate, assume all preparation is extra. Then decide if it is worth the expense or if you want to do it yourself. If you want to do it yourself, clean the area you want painted and if necessary scrape it.

Getting ready for a spring painting project entails a lot more than just an internet search on painters near me in Marietta and going with the first contractor you see. Use this checklist to make sure your project gets and stays on track.

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