Why Good Sleep Is Important for Teens and How It Can Prevent Substance Abuse?

Teens or the adolescents are definitely a good deal of a challenge to parents. While at the same time, the same teenage is considered to be the best part of a person’s life. This only means that parents are the ones who need to read more, learn new strategies and adapt to new ways of parenting.

Parents should neither spoil the fun of their kids’ teenage period nor let them go very far with any of the dangerous vices lurking out there. When I mention dangers, I definitely want to warn you about the potential threat of substance abuse and addiction. This is found to be one of the most common issues among teenagers.

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Why monitoring his or her sleep could be of prime importance?

As your children enter the period of teenage, you all know that they are undergoing one of the biggest changes of their lives, physically, psychologically and emotionally. This may have more than a bunch of effects in the lifestyle and behaviour of your teenage kid. This might include lack of sleep, altered sleeping pattern or over sleeping.

As parents, keeping a watch on these behavioural changes and making sure that there aren’t much of a difference from their regular routine and regulating their sleep wake pattern is of huge importance. This is because of the importance of sleep in maintaining a normal physiological, social and psychological balance.

Many of the experts in this field and the results of many scientific studies done on this subject show that sleep has the following effects on our quality of life.

  • Sleep influences the brain. The duration and the quality of sleep is determined by the sleep-inducing brain chemicals.
  • The over use of gadgets, the social media or the arcade gaming addiction, watching tv or even studying in the late-night hours causes disturbance in the natural circadian rhythm of our body.
  • Over sleeping or sleep deprivation causes a heavy lack of concentration in other normal activities of life and studies.
  • Many cases of depression or anxiety issues are caused by the alteration in sleep patterns.

All of the above conditions or even the combination of one or two of the above could be a potential risky provocation for your teenager to try out the drugs, either recreationally to distract themselves from the issue or by hoping for a solution to their issues.

Thus, keeping a close watch of your teens, their sleep pattern and giving them a good deal of support and your precious time are the most needed and appreciated things, you can give your adolescent children.

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