Don’t Trust Your Paint Job to Just Anyone

You’ve acknowledged for some time now that your home’s appearance, both inside and out, would be improved with a fresh coat of paint. You may have even toyed with the idea of tackling the project yourself, since all you need is a paintbrush and some time, right? Unless you’ve got a lot of experience under your belt, the price you will pay to fix your mistakes, and the stress it would cause, would be eliminated if you had hired a professional in the first place. Other than convenience, there are many reasons to consider hiring a painting contractor in Alpharetta.

Why Hire a Pro?

If you’ve ever tackled a painting project on your own, you know that the preparation is often more time consuming than the actual painting. For interior surfaces, you need to repair any cracks and sand them down. Then, you need to put painter’s tape around the edges of the walls, lay down drop cloths, and get out the ladders. By the time you accomplish all that, you have no interest in starting the project, so it will languish in a half-ready state for hours or days. Exterior painting is even harder, since you’ll need to begin to prep the surface by power washing the walls of the home. Once the home dries, you’ll need to inspect for damages and make any necessary repairs or replacement of the exterior wood surfaces. Then, they’ll need to be primed before any painting can begin. If your home is higher than one story, you’ll need to rent scaffolding in order to reach every corner of the home. You’ll need to cover any plants close to the home in order to keep them safe as you work. When you understand the stages involved in the painting process and know the limits of your time, you’ll readily understand why hiring a professional is the way to go.

Who to Hire

Start the process of finding a reputable contractor by asking your neighbors who they have used. Then, start checking out the company’s websites, paying attention to a listing of their services, looking at pictures of their projects, and reading testimonials from satisfied customers. Make certain they can handle both interior and exterior work, even if you don’t need both for your current project. Your goal is to build a long-term relationship with the company. They should be a member of a local business organization like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and offer a warranty on their work. Check independent sites like Angie’s List, too, in order to gain an unbiased view of the company. These are some basic things to check when searching for a painting contractor in Alpharetta

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