Glamorous Chandeliers That Will Brighten Your Home Interior

The surroundings and interior of any place can influence your mood and vibe. The colors and lighting can improve the surrounding of your home and give off positive energy. Different colored lights can set different types of moods. Furthermore, there are different shapes and sizes that you can take your pick from according to your needs.

If you want modern design lighting at an affordable and reasonable price, then you can visit the website of Sofary. It is a Seattle, Washington, USA based company that designs and manufactures modern lightings. They provide you with light fixtures of all kinds like a crystal ring chandelier, glass chandelier, and a contemporary chandelier that can brighten up your home.

One of the best light fixtures of your home could be a chandelier. A chandelier can bring in an element of modern elegance and glamour into your home. It comes in traditional styles, contemporary styles, or you can even customize them according to your space.

Types of modern chandeliers

The following are some modern and contemporary chandeliers that can bring glamour into your home and brighten it.

  • Square LED Chandelier: You can change this chandelier for different times of the day. The aluminum can lay flat for serious events like business meetings and can be shaped in any way for other social gatherings.
  • Ring-shaped Chandelier: This chandelier is made out of the same aluminum and silica gel as the square one but in a round shape.
  • The 4 Ring Chrome and Crystal Chandeliers: This is a glamorous chandelier that can lay flat or add height with its concentric circles.
  • Flush Mount Square chandelier: This is a subtle type of chandelier that sticks to the wall with little height but is bedazzled with diamonds and stones.
  • Linear Suspension Chandelier (LED): This is a thin slick chandelier that provides a modern look for your interior.
  • Rectangular Crystal Chandelier: This chandelier has a thin board with crystals hanging from it making it full of glitz and glamour.
  • Rectangular water droplets crystal chandelier: This is a statement chandelier that will catch the eye of all your guests. The design of the crystals hangings mimics rainfall making it a very tall chandelier that can be used in high ceiling buildings.
  • Glass Crystal Dining Chandelier: This chandelier has the crystals in the shape of a pyramid. Like the raindrop chandelier, this can also be used in high ceilings.
  • Kitchen Chandelier: This modern chandelier with the twist design will give your kitchen a modern look and acts as an art piece for your dining table.
  • Stairways Glass Chandelier: These crystal sphere chandelier will illuminate your whole stairway and hoke. It acts as an art piece and accessorizes your home.
  • Artistic Spiral Crystal chandelier: This chandelier can also be used in your stairway or any room that has high ceilings. It has a unique spiral design that attracts attention.


The above-mentioned chandeliers are unique and contemporary designs that can make your home look stylish and also provide enough light for the house.

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