Take Proper Care of Your Child’s Dental Health

Parents should take care of their children’s dental health to save their teeth from cavity so that they can chew food easily, speak well and smile confidently. Doctors emphasize on child’s visit to dentist as soon as the first tooth erupts. They educate the parents on the causes for tooth decay and measures to be followed to prevent them.

To ensure proper maintenance for your kids, and provide them with lifetime healthy teeth, visit Family dentistry Pasadena, Texas. Visiting dentist at regular intervals also helps to check whether there is a proper growth of teeth for your kid, as they grow. It is advisable to visit your dentist once in six months.

Some Tips to Care for Your Child’s Teeth:

Wipe your baby’s teeth and gums after breast feeding.

On the first molar tooth coming, it is time to start a brushing routine, using soft bristled brush, twice daily. Use non-fluoride toothpaste for your babies, since they don’t know how to spit.

Why to Visit Your Dentist?

Normally kids have all their primary teeth by the age of three. And the adult teeth start appearing by the age of six and by the age of fourteen almost all teeth, except wisdom teeth, appear. Through regular checking any problem can be found and get treated at early stages. Thus, it saves your money and time.

Dental visits may not appear an inviting one for kids. However, they get accustomed to it after a few visits.

Any accumulated plaque or tartar can be removed to avoid any tooth decay or cavity in the long-run

Unnoticed tooth decay may lead to complicated dental procedures like, removal of a tooth, root-canal treatment or filling in their teen age.

If the primary teeth fall out at an earlier stage because of improper care, then it will affect other teeth positioning. The adult tooth may also grow in an uneven way and it may lead to complicated orthodontic procedures in future.

What happens at the dentist’s office?

Once you got an appointment with your dentist, first a dental hygienist checks the health of your tooth and gum. If there is any plaque, they remove it with a specialized dental tool. A plaque, that contains bacteria, is responsible for cavity and tooth decay.

As the next step, the dental hygienist brushes and flosses your teeth. They teach you how to remove the food particles from in between your teeth using floss.

Then they check whether there is any cavity in between your teeth using X-ray.

You will be given a fluoride treatment, which is a natural mineral given for strong teeth and to avoid cavities. Fluoride comes in different flavors that a child will like. After the fluoride treatment you will be asked not to eat or drink anything for the next 30 minutes.

Finally, you will meet the dentist, who will check your teeth, gum, X-ray and bite register. You may be directed to an orthodontist if you need any further treatment.

Primary teeth are very important since, they act as a guideline for adult teeth to form in position. If you think you need proper care for your child then visit The Pasadena Texas Dentist? They have experienced kids’ dentist, who provides the much needed care to your child in a friendly way.

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