Tips for Pairing Wedding Colors

Your favorite color is bright orange, your betrothed insists on having mauve, your venue has green everything. Here are some tips on how to match colors for the big day.


Your favorite color may not even be a color at all, it may be a pattern. Patterns can look fun and festive at weddings if they’re not overdone. The key is to pick three. Choose three elements at the wedding or at the reception where you can highlight your favorite print and leave the rest solid colored.

Use the colors of the wedding to inspire the pattern, or the colors of the pattern to inspire the wedding. If your pattern is zebra print, use blacks, whites, and silvers to compliment. If your colors are purple and green, you can have fabric custom printed with your pattern in hues to match the rest of the decor. Large patterns look best on large objects (tables, backdrops) and small patterns look best on small things (flower girl dresses, napkins).

Bright Colors

Bright colors can be a challenge, but are definitely doable. If you are having a summer wedding then bold shades of yellow, orange, and red can be very appropriate. Balance them out with cooler tones of greens, whites, blues, and purples.

If you have your heart set on the brightest of the bright and nothing but neon will do, it is important to know when and how to incorporate these bold colors. The trick is to keep it small, meaningful, and deliberate. Small hot pink flowers in the boutonnieres or bridal bouquets, bright yellow polka dotted bow ties on the groomsmen, or fun neon orange shoes on the bridesmaids are all small and special touches where you can incorporate a bit of flair for your wedding. Keep the rest of the colors neutral with white, black, silver, or pastel coordinating shades so the neon shade is the color that pops.

Subdued Colors

Getting subdued colors to shine can present a challenge as well. Paired with soft pastels these colors can look amazing. Mauve bridesmaid dresses with soft pink flowers, or gray suits with baby blue vests can look enchanting at spring and fall weddings. At the reception use the darker colors for accents and use creams and soft tones for the majority of the decorations so the space doesn’t feel too dark or gloomy.

From mauve bridesmaid dresses to neon yellow place settings, there are lots of ways you can pair a myriad of colors to make your wedding a special, and colorful day to remember.

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