How to Throw A Red-Carpet Party for Your Next Event

Red carpet parties are not only meant for celebrities and A- listers. Nowadays it has become so affordable for anyone to host a red-carpet party for birthdays, New Year’s Eve, or company award ceremony.

Here are some tips as to how to host a red-carpet party.

Red carpet

First thing for a red-carpet party would be rolling out a red carpet. If you are partying at home, throw it all the way from curb to the doorstep. If your house cannot accommodate large number of guests then booking large venues like hotel or local community centre would be the best idea for hosting.

If you decide to host your event at a different venue then cover from entry point to the event locale. Make it wider enough so that there is enough space for your guests to mingle.

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You can select from the pre designed ones or you can create your own invitation. If you are not in a position to afford, then you can just invite them over phone calls. Don’t forget to mention the time, location and will there be any snacks or lunch or dinner.

Dress Code

Red carpet focuses on dress code, so make yours a special one by making it a focal point. Informing your guests about the dress code of your choice of theme for the party becomes mandatory. Make sure you choose the dress code in a way that you won’t get bored watching it.

Red carpet décor

Decorate the red-carpet venue with velvet ropes and bollards. Have your customised backdrop with event name on it. Add in some wow factor with help of gobo lightings or camera flash bulbs. Along the way you can keep some twinkling lights to imitate paparazzi clicks. You can hang some coloured streamers and metallic ribbons inside the venue.

Food and Drink

Welcome your guests with sparkling water or champagne. You can rent a champagne foundation for an extra aura. Arrange for buffets so guests can serve themselves.

Arrange for Music

Let the band entertain your guests all through the party. Music makes the ambience even better. Ensure you have enough space for dancing. If you are throwing an Oscar watching bash then this won’t be necessary. You can save money on this and emphasize on screens and projectors needed.

Include Media Wall                                                                  

Red carpet event becomes even more memorable if there is a photobooth within the venue place. Guests love to take their pictures and share them.

Populate Your Party

Invite any local celebrity to act as red-carpet interviewer. Just as shown in red carpet events, interviewer shoves mic to guests

Red Carpet SWAG

Red carpet event is not finished without SWAG (Stuff We All Get). Final touch will be giving away some token of gifts like the bag of goodies that celebrities take home at red carpet events. It is not necessary that your gift bag be costly. It is just to make the fun effect at your event.

Party is not a party without a Red Carpet.

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