Various Things to Expect After A Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Obesity is a major issue that affects many people. This  has a large effect on the quality of life of a person. However, due to the advancement in the field of science and technology it is possible to get rid of this condition. Surgery is one of the options which can help you in your weight loss  journey.

BMI of Texas is a pioneer in bariatric surgery in San Antonio. It provides effective weight loss and medical weight management programs. You can select  BMI for gastric sleeve surgery. Their dedicated team of experts strives hard to reshape your body completely. But it is essential  follow certain changes in your lifestyle after the procedure is done.

bmi for gastric sleeve

Meaning of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

It is a weight loss program. The surgeon removes the part of your stomach, and after doing this the remaining parts are joined with the help of surgical staples. It leads to the creation of a new sleeve and its size is one-tenth of your real stomach. Gastric sleeve surgery is a simpler surgical procedure as compared to the gastric bypass surgery.

In this surgery, the appetite boosting hormone is removed. So, you will experience less hunger, eat less because your stomach becomes small. It is possible to lose 75 percent of your excess body weight.

Expectations After A Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Patients who are going to undergo the surgery put a lot of effort into preparing for the same. But you must know about the expectations after the procedure is done so that there are no complications and the recovery is fast. There are certain tips and strategies that you need to follow, to have short term recovery faster and in the desired manner.

Arrange for A Hired Helper

After the surgery, it becomes a difficult task to perform household work. You can ask for help from your friends or relatives. If no one is there to help you out, arrange for a hired helper to perform the work.

Follow Your New Eating Plan

After the surgery, it takes time for healing. Avoid taking solid food and drink plenty of fluids. For the first two weeks after the procedure, restrict yourself to the intake of 400 calories. Due to the gastric sleeve surgery, you will be craving for small portions of food. Slowly and gradually the calorie intake can be increased and will start feeling more energetic.

Give Time for Resuming Normal Activities

If your job is physically demanding to take a 2-week rest after the surgery. Walk more often to avoid deep vein thrombosis in which a blood clot forms in a vein inside the body. Do not do overexertion. Give yourself the proper time to recover.

Cope Up with Short Term Psychological Effects

You may have to pass through mood fluctuations after the surgery because your body has to adjust with low-calorie intake. But this is a temporary situation and it will go away soon.

Expectations for Long Term Recovery

To stay healthy and fit lifelong, you need to make several changes in your eating habits and lifestyle.

  • Eat small portions of food.
  • Eat-in a slow manner.
  • Chew food properly and do not swallow it. Do not eat and drink simultaneously. Drink a beverage 30 minutes after consuming your food.
  • Start exercising program when your surgeon says it’s OK to do the same.
  • Take the vitamins and supplements prescribed by your doctor.
  • Meet with your dietician who can advise you in having a healthy eating plan.
  • Fix an appointment with your doctor regularly to ensure your recovery after the surgery.


Gastric sleeve surgery is the best way of managing one’s medical weight. It helps you to get rid of obesity and to enjoy a healthy life. By following the various tips, you can have good results after the surgery.  It is highly significant that you meet all the expectations after the procedure is done.


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