Studies say that working in an office is inherently bad for you. They say that offices sap your energy. If you’ve ever felt that, then perhaps now is the time to do something about it! You don’t need the most sophisticated or the most expensive stuff in your office to make work it well. However, what you do need to do in your office is to apply the principles of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of directing energy through placement. Once everything in your office is in the proper ‘place’ then the energy, productivity and money will flow. Many people would be shocked to learn that how they have their office arranged is not even close to Feng Shui principles. Are you ready to invite in all that good energy you’ve been missing? Let’s begin with 5 easy answers. (Please Note: All positions are assuming that you are entering the room.)

Feng Shui Answer 1 – Control Your Desk, Control Your Life

It should be no surprise that we’re starting with the desk. After all, the desk is the heart of your office. It’s important that it be in good position so it will attract positive energy. So where is the best position according to Feng Shui? Well, the best position for a desk is in the corner which is the farthest away from the door. This way it insures that you have supportive energy behind you, in the form of a ‘mountain’, something big and substantial, the symbol of supportive energy. However, sometimes you can’t get to that corner. If that’s the case, you will need to build your ‘mountain’ another way. It really isn’t that hard. What you need is something large and something earth related. A big sculpture (or just one that is extremely heavy for its size) would work. Also a nice large plant is good. Even a picture of a mountain would work if you don’t have room for the others. It’s important that your desk also face the door. This is because the door is where new opportunities enter your life and you want to welcome them when they do. If you are not always facing the door, then the opportunities will see that you have ‘turned your back on them’ and will go elsewhere. Are you the executive type? If not, why do you have an executive desk? Not only does your desk speak volumes about you, it also invites in different kinds of energies. And while the energy it invites in is positive, if it’s the wrong energy for you then it won’t help very much. Executive desks mean power and that’s the energy you’ll be inviting. If you are the executive type, then by all means, keep that desk. However, if that isn’t you, get one that that is more open. This encourages flow, a different type of energy all together. If you have the wrong desk, buy a new one.

Feng Shui Answer 2 – Clear the Clutter

If you’ve never been a neatnick before, or into organising your life with Excel,then it’s time to start. That clutter is dangerous, but not for the reason you’re thinking. That clutter is dangerous because it’s catching and containing all the good energy you should be getting. Clutter is very selfish. It holds onto this energy until the clutter itself is no more. It’s time to take back your energy by clearing out that clutter. A good place to start is with the computer. Although great, computers make lots of clutter with their cords. Even if you’ve trained yourself to ignore it, the energy doesn’t ignore it. It gets trapped there. This is why you should tame your cords. They need to be secured on a wall, run under a carpet or get wrapped up in one those ‘cord holders’. Unfinished projects are best kept in easy to access storage. After all, you can only realistically work on one at a time anyway, no matter how good of a multi-tasker you are. Your desk should have storage options that are not on the top. It’s perfectly fine to have an organizer or two on the top, but too many and they just become clutter as well.

The first step is to completely clear the top of your desk, even if this means putting all those papers into boxes. Now that your desktop is clear, inhale deeply. You should feel the new energy flowing into you. Usually this alone will give people the drive to keep their work area clean. Sometimes they need more help, like a professional organizer. Whichever way you go, it’s important to not to let that energy get trapped again.

Feng Shui Answer 3 – Welcoming People in Your Life & Office

We all need people, be they clients, other workers or mentors. So it should come as no surprise to you that in Feng Shui there is a corner of the room for nurturing these kinds of relationships. Actually, there are two corners. The corner in the back and to the right covers everyone but your mentors. Because mentors are such important people, mentors have their own corner, and it’s to the right of the door. Both corners need either the colours or the symbols of earth. Earth’s symbols are stone pots, geodes and sand sculptures. The colours of earth are not the ‘earth tones’ that so many of us here in the west are familiar with. Instead, the Feng Shui earth colours revolve around the yellow family: sand, beige, and a very pale yellow. The right items in these two crucial corners will make your professional relationships go well.

Feng Shui Answer 4 – Inviting Money In

Like a river, money follows the path of least resistance. Don’t make it hard for money to find you. You want it to find you, but are you really inviting it in? Money energy is similar to water energy, so money flows where water flows. Do you have any ‘flowing water in your office? If the answer is no, then you should consider getting some kind of water feature. Aquariums, fountains, beta fish or if can’t be real water, a nice picture of water all work well. Naturally, this feature can’t go just anywhere, it needs to go in the back left corner. This is the wealth area. Also, don’t forget to temper your wealth with a tiny bit of wood to maintain the balance between wealth and the problems it brings.

Feng Shui Answer 5 – The Future is Now

Do you know that ‘spot’ right in front of the door as you enter? This is one of the most important areas in your office; this where your future lies. You could be blocking your own future by having a massive thing in that spot, (a desk comes to mind.) Or even worse, that spot could be completely empty thereby only promising an empty future. Good things to have in that spot include welcome mats, a symbol hanging over the doorway, or some music to greet you upon entering. Your office should be filled with the intention of your future, so put something great in that spot.

If you follow and apply these 5 easy principles of Feng Shui, then you will soon start looking forward to coming to your office each day. You will become happier and more productive, and all your friends will wonder why. Will you let them in the secret?

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