Learn Important Tips To Remove Snow In Winters

Shoveling the snow is one of the annoying things that one come across in the winter season.  Moving accumulated snow from the driveway on your own is a very time consuming and energy-draining task. To make your task convenient, quick and effective, we have come up with a few useful tips that you must give it a try.

Use Long Stakes Around Walkways and Driveways

In areas that experience snowfall on a regular basis, you should use large stakes around the driveway and walkways area. It is beneficial whether you are using a snowblower, shoveling the driveway on your own or hiring a snowplow firm for this job.

Hiniker is a leading company that manufacturers residential snowplow equipment in innovative designs. Hiniker Snow Plow is built to move the snow in the most effortless manner.

A Good Shovel Is All You Need

Digging snow in winter is very annoying if you do not have a good quality shovel. It is tempting you to invest in a cheaper shovel, but you will regret later because of its poor service and expensive repairs.

Spend a little more and buy a good quality shovel, preferably the one made using an aluminum blade and a heavy plastic. This will make the job quite easier for you.

It is important to understand that size does not determine the efficacy of a shovel. Large shovels can lead to stiffness in arms and back pain. For heavy snowfalls, it is best to choose a s-blade shovel. For lighter snowfalls, choose C-blade shovels.

Don’t place it close to the foundation

This is a common mistake that most of the houseowners make. They do not consider when they are plowing snow. Whether they are moving snow from a deck, roof or driveway, they should avoid displacing it close to the side of the house. This will lead to issues like frozen pipes and cracks in the foundation of the home.

Be Safe

Moving snow from your driveway can turn out to be an exhausting job. It is quite difficult as you age. If you do not hire any snow removal service, then it is suggested to follow the below safety tips.

  • Bend at knees. Lift with legs.
  • Keep the blade near to your body as you move the snow.
  • Alternate between left-hand and right-hand, so that the entire pressure is not put on one side of the body.
  • Switch the grip between underhand and overhand.
  • In case of heavy snowfall, try removing snow in turn. Do not attempt to clear all the snow at once.

Shovel Often

The right way to remove snow is to do it frequently. This is because the snow doesn’t stop, and if you miss to remove it once, it will keep on depositing. So, you will have to work more on the next day. So, to avoid making your job hard, it is advised to shovel often.


Not learning the right way to plow the snow makes the process cumbersome. The next time when you need to plow the snow, do try these tips. It will definitely make your task simpler and easy.

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