3 Reasons Service Dogs Should Wear Patches

A service dog might be a necessity for the safety of someone suffering from a disability. They can help with various tasks, including hearing and mobility. While these dogs are trained to ignore distractions, people or other animals approaching them can make this quite difficult. For this reason, it’s recommended that service dogs wear vests that indicate they are a service dog. To further indicate their purpose, you can include service patches. Here are some of the ways that service dog patches will help your service dog.

Inform Others About Petting the Dog

People love dogs and might walk up to them and begin petting. This can be troublesome if you have a service dog as their purpose is to perform certain tasks to help the person they’re assigned to. The petting might end up distracting them from their tasks which could put the safety of the dog and the person they’re helping at risk. To avoid this potentially dangerous situation, you can include patches on the dog’s vest that indicate your petting policy. You can have one that tells people to ask before petting or to not pet at all.

Inform Others of Service Provided

Service dogs perform various tasks that help people with disabilities. The primary way that people know a dog is a service dog is because of the vest they wear. But there is nothing about the vest that indicates what service they perform. Adding patches to the vest will allow you to indicate the service the dog performs which will allow others to be more courteous. For example, if the patch indicates hearing assistance, people might speak louder to the person. If the patch indicates mobility, people might make more of an effort to stay out of the way so that the person can safely move.

Inform Others It’s a Service Dog

When you have a service dog, it’s important to indicate to others that it is one. This informs people to stay away while the dog is working and that it can go into places other animals can’t. You can usually identify a service dog as they wear a service vest. However, there’s the possibility that not everyone will recognize the vest as a service vest. A patch indicating that it is a service dog will ensure that there is no misunderstanding.

A service dog can be an important asset for someone that suffers from a disability. Informing others of their role is essential so that the dog doesn’t get distracted while performing their tasks. Service dog patches will ensure that everyone understands the dog is working and not to distract them.

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