Septum Piercing – The Most opted and Beautiful Nose piercing

Septum piercing is a rage both among men and women. It has gained special attention after the recent fashion weeks around the world. Now, more and more women are going for septum piercing rather than traditional nose piercing. Septum piercing can be done in different shapes and style.

You can choose the simple, elegant ones over the traditional or junk ones. The kind of piercing that you can flaunt can add an edge or sophistication to your entire face. You can also get this piercing in different colours and a variety of styles which you can change from time to time. Nevertheless, it is one of the great and chic forms of body art.

Understanding septum piercing –

Unlike the traditional nose piercing, septum piercing is done inside the cartilage of the nostrils. The spot which determines the gap between the two nostrils is ideal for septum ring. It is advised that when you plan for this type of piercing, you must get it done from a professional. This is because septum is one of the sensitive areas in the body that has nerve endings. Hence, any mistake can lead to a medical condition.

The best way to get it done is to select a piercing in the shape of a staple or barbell. Also, after the process is done you should not touch the piercing area for at least a week. Let the piercing heal and then experiment with different styles. Depending on the condition and softness of the cartilage, the professional can also ask you to apply cream for faster recovery. Make sure you are following the instructions carefully.

Knowing the process

The procedure is done under anaesthesia. The professional will consult with you before marking the area with a marker. The septum is then attached with a clamp to make the process easy and the piercing is instantaneously done with the needle. You can also go for dermal punches to feel less pain. However, it will be little costlier and you need to inform the professional beforehand.

Available styles

Small and subtle

Needless to say, the rounded barbell is the most opted for septum piercing as it is small and easy to carry. Owing to its shape you can also eat, sleep without mush problem. Also, the added advantage is that it shimmers in the light and adds very subtle feminine attraction

Large and exotic

You can also go looking like a badass to your girl and flaunt 16 gauge to start with. Once you get hang of it, you can easily opt for larger and gothic ones


Selecting septum piercing is as good as selecting a glass frame that suits and appeals to your face. Just as a wrong selection can entirely make it wrong, you can also land up flaunting the wrong style for your face. The best and the easiest option to start with will be the barbell, and then you can test and try out other styles from time to time.

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