Tips for Displaying Valuable Items in Your Store

Whether it’s one of a kind, fragile, or rare, you will want to take great care in displaying valuable items in your store.


The first thing to consider is whether or not placing an item out for display is worth the risk. If the object is simply too valuable or too fragile, it may be wiser to use a picture, slide show, or replica rather than the real thing. This way you can still invoke interest in the item while keeping it safely stored away until a serious offer or purchase is made.

Likewise, if you have more than one of the precious objects you can choose to display only one in the store so you can keep the rest safely stored away.


When you have an item of great value and have chosen to display it on the sales floor, it is time to showcase it. Lighting can be a great tool to make your merchandise look attractive and draw the customer in. Avoid busy backdrops that will detract from the item, and storing it in a glass case or shelving will not only protect it from fingerprints but from dust as well.

Where you place the object in your store can be just as important as how you showcase it. Placing it behind the register can be a great way to keep it out of reach and ensure that everyone making a purchase gets to see it. Placing it in a special corner of the store with its own VIP area, complete with special lighting, flooring, or using plastic stanchions for sale will create a sense of intrigue.


There are several ways you can think about the safety of your merchandise. There is the integrity of it, so protecting it from moisture, dust, and other elements, and there is the security of it, protecting it from theft, loss, or damage. To protect the integrity of the item you should do your research and see what environment will suit it best. You can find UV blocking cases or humidity and temperature controlled environments if your product needs some special care.

When it comes to protecting your objects from theft, loss, or damage you can take measures in the store to keep customers at a safe distance, by using signage or physical barriers like plastic stanchions for sale. To protect against theft it may be wise to have the item insured, stored in a safer location like a bank vault, or increase your security systems by using cameras, alarms, or even a security officer on-staff.

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