Make Your Home and Office Energy Efficient by Installing Solar Panels

The solar panels market is growing by leaps and bounds. These are an efficient resource to generate electricity through renewable sources and at the same time cut down on your electricity bills. Now, before you jump the gun and rush to the nearest store to purchase solar panels, you might need to understand how these panels work and how it can benefit you in the long run.

Importance of Net Metering

Solar panels comprise of number of components. You can either opt for monocrystalline that come with a blackish tinge or the most common ones which are polycrystalline with a bluish tinge. The type of solar panels which you generally see in many households is the photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. These help to convert sunlight into direct energy.

Solar panels consist of solar cells connected to a grid that helps to generate electricity. In addition to this, solar panels also comprise of DC arrays, inverters, utility and power meters and a backup generator. Utility or power meters can help you to understand the amount of power that is getting consumed after installing the solar panels.

If you live in and around Stockholm or Västerås, you can check for companies that deal with solceller, the English equivalent is solar cells. If you have just moved here recently, then you can check with Elavsol located in Västerås which is your one-stop-shop for all your solar energy needs. They have a team of specialized people who have deep knowledge about solar panels and can help you get the right solar panels for your homes or office.

Many governments have also offered incentives in the form of rebates or tax credits. This can be availed with net metering. When the solar panels get overloaded with electricity, these can be transferred to the grids which in turn can help you earn credits on your electricity bills. One of the greatest advantages of net metering is that the excess energy can then be used during nights when you require electricity.

How Solar Panels Generate Electricity

Solar cells are a major component of solar panels. Each solar cell consists of sufficient power to generate electricity. Several solar cells fixed together in a frame comprised of a solar panel. When these panels are connected, this is called a solar array.

In simple words, solar panels work by:

  • When sun rays fall on the PV cells on the panel, it gets converted to DC electricity
  • This DC electricity then flows into an inverter which converts it to AC electricity
  • This AC electricity can be used for household consumption
  • The AC electricity flows through the power or utility meter wherein you can switch on and use the electricity

Solar panels come with insulation and glass casing to prevent excessive heat and humidity to accumulate inside the panel. When it comes to solar panels, ensure that you compare quotes and prices of various solar panel companies. Never sign a contract without complete information.


Solar panels are durable in the long run as their components do not wear out easily. Investing in solar panels is a great way to contribute to the environment.

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