Learn All About Popular Vampire Facial

Vampire facial is trending a lot nowadays. The famous personality Kim Kardashian has recently undergone this treatment that has brought her in the limelight. This has inspired more and more people to get it performed on themselves. If you are also interested in getting it done on you, then it is beneficial that you first learn about it in detail.

We are discussing vampire facial and reviews related to it. This will help you decide whether should you go for it or not.

What is vampire facial treatment?

Vampire facial is called as a PRP or platelet-rich plasma facial. This technique has been broadly debated ever since its introduction in the cosmetic industry.  This treatment appears scary but boasts remarkable results.

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What is the working principle of this treatment?

When the platelets are injected into the facial skin, it tricks your body to assume that there has occurred some injury. To deal with this condition, growth factors aid in formation of new collagen. Both growth factors and the platelets start a healing response that rejuvenates the skin and increase production of collagen to give you long lasting results.

The only downside of this treatment is the immense pain that is caused to the person who gets it. If you have a good pain tolerance ability, then this can be the best aesthetic treatment for you.

How does this procedure work?

Vampire facial is an effective blend of microdermabrasion and application of platelet rich plasma into the facial skin. Insertion of both these elements is done with the help of injections. The PRP is derived using the serum of blood of the person. It contains platelets that have been noted for its high levels of human growth factor hormone. When it is injected into the facial skin it starts to stimulate cell turnover.

It is a treatment that makes use of the blood of the same person to promote the healthy activity of the skin cells. Due to increase in the growth, it acts as an energy booster for the skin.

This treatment enhances elastin and collagen that assists in the optimal functioning of the skin.  It also provides hydrating and anti-oxidant properties in the skin. PRP technique when used with micro-needling helps in improving penetration inside the cells.


So, this is all regarding the working, effectiveness and benefits of vampire facial. Despite of debates and rumors, this treatment works to make skin healthy, radiant and rejuvenated. If you are thinking of getting this treatment, then look for a reputed and experienced cosmetic surgeon to get this treatment. This will ensure the best and safe results out of this treatment.

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