Tips for Getting the Right CEMS for Your Business

Chances are if you are considering a Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS,) you either do “point in time” testing or you have a system that is older. In either case, a CEMS can greatly improve your monitoring and compliance levels. Here are some general tips for getting the right system for your needs.

Hire an Integrator

Even if you have everyday staff that runs and monitors your CEMS, you should look to hire an integrator. They not only will know about the latest in the industry, but also will know about trends and possible requirements coming down the line as planning for the future is part of their job. Additionally, they will be able to design a system that caters to your needs, ensuring your CEMS is as effective as possible. You can hire an integrator on a project or project and ongoing maintenance basis.

Appoint Staff for Monitoring and Maintenance

If you have not done so already with your monitoring system, make sure you have staff that is assigned and dedicated to monitoring the monitoring system. They should know basic maintenance and be trained in any red flags that might arise if something goes wrong in the system. You do not want to find out too late that your compliance levels fell off because your system was malfunctioning.

Expect Gremlins

Every system that is “continuous” is prone to having errors, breakdowns, and bugs. These can be fairly simple and harmless, or they can result in noncompliance, potentially a dangerous work environment and in the worst case scenario, fines. Because of this, you should have a regular inspection and testing process that is employed frequently, scheduled and unscheduled, of the entire system. That way, if there is a problem, you are on top of it and can prevent it from becoming a crisis.

Invest in Good Record Keeping

Every continuous emissions monitoring effort exists because some component of a company produces emissions that have to be monitored for safety or environmental reasons. Proving compliance levels not only is required by law, but it is also necessary to ensure the safety of your workplace. Make sure you invest in a good system of reporting emissions levels, problems, and compliance; you will be glad you did in the long run.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring is necessary to ensure environmental and workplace safety compliance. Making sure you follow this advice is one way to ensure that your system works flawlessly and keeps you in compliance at all times.

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