Don’t Settle for Industry Standard

Anyone who’s ever shopped for a mattress knows your choices are limited when it comes to size. If you’re trying to accommodate more than one person in bed, you usually have to choose between a queen or a king-sized version. For those requiring extra leg room, a California king may be your best option from the industry standard bedding choices. But why stop there? Step up your game by ordering a custom bed. If you can envision your look, something that evokes your unique taste and accommodates your individual specifications, you can have the dream sleep you’ve been looking for. A truly wonderful night’s sleep can be yours if you order custom beds in Park City, UT.

Why Order a Custom Bed?

You don’t have to be the size of a pro basketball player to need a custom bed. If your kids and pets crawl into bed with you during storms or after bad dreams, or maybe just for some family bonding time, you understand the value of a larger bed surface. A comfortable, made to order bed will meet your needs and space requirements and will give you your best night’s sleep. Custom made beds are handcrafted using natural and hypoallergenic materials, which improves body heat ventilation and wicks away moisture while offering state of the art support and comfort. Expert craftsmanship, seamstresses, and artisans will work hand-in-hand with you to create the one-of-a-kind excellence you’re searching for. The mattress adjusts to your body contours and offers innovative pressure point relief and spinal adjustment.

How Do I Get One?

Do some research on the internet to find a custom bed designer who’s willing to offer a hands-on experience to ensure your complete satisfaction. Once you reach out to the company, either through a request for a brochure or a phone call, they should set up an in-home visit to discuss your vision and to take measurements. An interior designer should consult with you on the overall look you’re trying to achieve and help you with the furniture design and the bedding fabrics. The bed will then be delivered and set up, complete with the luxurious bedding. This tailored client service assures no detail will be overlooked, since customer satisfaction is the end goal. There’s no need to settle for average when selecting custom beds in Park City, UT

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