What You Need to Know Before Buying A Flugelhorn?

For many people, flugelhorn is a unique and very interesting instrument. It looks bigger than a trumpet and is heavier too. It got a larger bell. However, when it is stretched out to full length, a flugelhorn is almost the same length like a trumpet and cornet.

In case, you are planning to buy a flugelhorn then the following is recommended –

  1. Just check out all the make or model that you come across and also look for flugelhorns for sale. One better way of comparing many styles and makes of horns will be to visit a convention of music manufacturer or any state music convention.
  2. If your interest is particularly in a flugelhorn, then do not get one which sounds like a trumpet. Base your choice on its quality of tone first and then its intonation.

Decide quality of sound first to get great intonation. There are few things that is done for improving intonation on horn but changing quality of sound is almost impossible and also highly impractical.

  1. Addition of 4th valve can also improve intonation, but you must also release the additional weight, as it will tire you soon. Various improvements on 3rd slide triggers that were earlier made may work in your favor. Therefore, it is recommended to extend the 3rd slide device over 4th valve, unless you prefer to add some more lower notes that are available only with 4th valve.
  2. Also, it will be to your benefit to have flugelhorn mouthpiece when you try different horns brands and models. From health standpoint and also for better evaluation of each instrument, it is better.
  3. Your preference for finishes will be based on the choice of sound and look. I usually find silver can give you brighter tone as compared to lacquer finish and hence, I always prefer to play lacquered flugelhorns.

Since a lot of acid is used in the system, the finishing may not last for too long on flu gels. However, it should not be that much of a problem to you, because you may not be playing the flugelhorn as much as the trumpet.

Mentioned below are few tips –

  • Always notice high D on your bridge must be way flat. However, that will come after playing it on the first valve in place of open.
  • In Branson Trumpet Ensemble, many of us have made very good use of combination of flugelhorns and trumpets in our arrangement. We have also enjoyed mixing both of them whenever the need arises.
  • Try to visit many music concerts and see the effects of various combinations of music so that you will get a rough idea about what you really want to hear.
  • As you keep hearing, the flugelhorn may change the quality of ensemble and also for that reason possibly you need to check for various possibilities of adding flugelhorn in your arsenal.

From our own experience, we recommend you to listen many music concerts before you make your final decision.

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