How Can You Use CBD Isolate?

If you search around the internet for CBD, then you will quickly get few products using various marketing terms like ‘99% CBD’ or ‘pure’ CBD.

All these terms are generally used for referring to cannabidiol’s isolated form known as CBD isolate. After further processing any existing cannabis extract, then cannabidiol molecule will be isolated as crystalline substance, which is mostly sold in powdered form.

If you come across any high-quality isolate then it will be often concentrated at the level of about 95 to 99% CBD.

Following are few different ways that you can make use of the isolate of CBD:

1.By dropping it under the tongue

One of simplest ways to take CBD isolate is to apply it as sublingual and just drop it under the tongue as sublingual.

This kind of method of ingestion will be known to be much more bioavailable than just swallowing CBD. Simply you can drop the amount that you desire under your tongue.

After that you can hold it for 60 to 90 seconds. Now wash it down along with little water or juice.

2. By adding it to foods and other edibles

CBD is fat soluble hence you can mix into any fatty substances such as oil or edible food products which may contain ingredients like coconut milk, butter or cooking oil. Following are few food items on which you can mix with:

  • Bulletproof Coffee
  • Cookies, Brownies, Gummies and Candies
  • Dog/Cat Treats
  • Honey
  • Muffins
  • Salad Dressing

3. By making your CBD tincture

If you want to save little money then with this isolate you can create your tinctures rather than buying them pre-made.

Before you start, you will need dropper bottle. Usually you can find tinctures in dropper bottles of 30 ml or 15 ml. This can also be sourced from online. You can also find it from your local store for supplement or health food.

4. By making your own topicals

As an ingredient used in the topicals like creams and salves Isolate can be great. You may follow any one out of the number of online tutorials that starts from scratch and also add CBD or make your topical to certain existing oil-based product.

5. Making your own capsules of CBD

In case you succeeded in making tincture, then making capsule of CBD will be much easier. Both capsules and tinctures have got the same ingredients.

6. Adding CBD in the vape juice

Here it is quite straightforward, where you have to just add isolate in on existing vape juice.

To control overall potency, you have to decide how much you have to add. This can be great option for all existing e-cigarette users who are looking forward to start vaping CBD.

7. By sprinkling on the top of vaped or smoked marijuana

You can also sprinkle some CBD just on the top of the flower while vaping or smoking herb. This added CBD can ‘smooth out’ THC-induced high.

CBD can counteract harsher psychoactive THC and produce more enjoyable high together with additional therapeutic benefits of high CBD concentration.

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