Why Choose Hardwood Floors for Your Home?

Besides the durability and appearance of hardwood flooring, there are numerous reasons for choosing them for the flooring in your home. From health reasons, to lifestyle trends, quality hardwood flooring in Chicago is more in demand than ever!

Prevent Asthma Flair Ups

Carpeting holds dust which is attributed to Asthma flair ups. Hardwoods are easy to clean and with all of the quick ways and convenient tools available to sweep a floor, you don’t even need to turn on the vacuum! Hardwood flooring is also all natural which is a great selling point for today’s environmentally and health conscious homeowners.

Seek Simplicity

There’s an entire lifestyle that is centered on simple, minimal décor, clean lines, and using natural materials and fabrics in the home. Hardwood floors are more in demand than ever to complete this look and provide a timeless appeal and aesthetic that so many homeowners are seeking. Gone are the days of disposable décor; many homeowners today are looking for long lasting materials that don’t complicate their lives or their financial situation. Simple living is trend that is sweeping through the country and hardwood floors are on many wish lists!

Increase the Value of Your Home

Because of the reasons mentioned above, many home buyers look for homes specifically with hardwood floors. And, if there are two almost identical homes, one with hardwoods and one without, the house with the hardwoods will list and most likely sell for more. Yes, you will pay more for hardwood floors, but you can expect to get that and then some when, and if, you sell your home.

Clean With Ease

Hardwood floors are handy if you have pets, especially pets in training! Messes are easy to clean up and fur that’s been shed is easy to sweep. Carpeting, on the other hand, absorbs liquid and holds in odors. Having hardwood floors can add to your peace of mind knowing that if an animal or a child gets sick, your hardwoods can be swiftly wiped up with soap and water and dry within seconds.

Get That Farmhouse Style

What started as a trend seems to be here to stay! The charm and timelessness of the popular farmhouse décor style that most likely started with the much loved style of Joanna Gaines is still going strong today. The style has hardwoods as its foundation and everything builds from there. Wood flooring lends itself well to the white-washed and chippy-painted furnishings, the neutral paint palettes, and the area rugs that are all mainstays of the farmhouse style.  Though farmhouse style is popular, it’s so easy to find quality hardwood flooring in Chicago that suits any décor style!

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