Easily Create an Identifying Backdrop for your Product

Whether you’re in charge of a large special event or a small booth at a local art fair, you should consider the benefits of using a draping system to define your space. Give your event a special touch by using a colorful backdrop that will translate well on a television screen while pulling double duty by creating a cohesive floor plan for your attendees to follow. You can achieve better crowd control if a logical floor plan is in place. If you have a business and participate in multiple conferences and events, your potential customers can spot you easily if you create a booth from your company colors using a versatile pipe and drape kit.

Benefits of a Pipe and Drape System

Set the stage for your events by using pipe and drape to color coordinate the space while shielding unsightly objects and defining various areas within the space. You can take control by using a simple pipe and drape kit, consisting of only four components–two upright poles, weighted bases onto which the poles will attach, a cross bar and a clamp to hold multiple units together. The poles are either eight or ten feet high, and once a curtain is fed onto the cross bar, you can have a quick, efficient, and versatile solution to your event needs. A pipe and drape kit will provide privacy, a unified backdrop, or by the addition of shorter side bars, can carve up the space into exhibit booths. Identifying signage can hang over the cross bar to draw attention to your company brand and products, or to identify the event. There is no need for special tools or machinery, since set up and tear down is an easy matter. A pipe and drape system is also extremely easy to transport, so if your company participates in a lot of events and conferences, you can transport the system from venue to venue, saving your company money, since you won’t need to rent a system each time.

What Else is Important

There is a wide variety of pipe and drape kits available, so it’s best to work with a dealer who has experience and who can offer advice on what will work best for your company to properly showcase your product. These are some things to consider when contemplating the purchase of a pipe and drape kit

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