What A Music Producer Does?

In yesteryears, dreaming to be a music producer was like owning the moon. Older generations started their career as tea-boys or even toilet-cleaners, and then slowly moved up the music industry. Fortunately, for us digital revolution has cleared similar roadblocks.

With a laptop and related software, we can create music and present it to the world, from our bedroom. However, in today’s cut-throat competition, you need unique skills, to set you apart from the rest.

As Engineer

A music producer, you should have a decent knowledge of the various mixers and devices and instruments in the studio. You should know how to tune and refine it, to produce a unique piece of music. The studio can be imagined to be an engineering lab. You can have a sound engineer at your service, but knowing the principles can weed out, an average beat from a superb one.

As Mentor

 It is a known truth that, a producer need not have a technical expertise. However, you should have the intuition to choose a set of motivated, ingenious engineers to work with. As a producer, there should be a knack in selecting promising artists. The success of the mentorship lies in moulding the artists, engineers and mixers to reach their utmost potential and deliver a musical masterpiece.

As Magician

 To know, what does a music producer do, with his team, will give you a wide answer. Legendary music is still believed to be magic from the producers. There is no logical step-by-step manual for fanning the creative fire inside a music producer. The depth of a producer’s philosophy is reflected in the music he creates.

As Mixer

 Mixing and remixing of tracks need a special musical acumen. An efficient mixer differentiates between good and bad music. Mixing is not a new technology. It started by the mixes of Lee “Scratch” Perry and Tom Moulton in the 70s. A lot of cutting and scratching and sampling has helped mixing of what it is today.

As Musician

 The fundamental requirement for a producer is to be a musician. As a producer, you will be overseeing the process of song-writing, music composition and performance. Since you will be advising on these areas, having a strong musical interest and knowledge is mandatory. Unfortunately, this attribute is generally overlooked.

As Artist

There are situations where the music producer is the artist too. For example, Prince and Brian Wilson, were both the music producer and the artist, for their albums. Not fitting the conventional mould or to be plain “crazy”, has its impact on being a music producer. Legends like Joe Meek and Lee “Scratch” Perry were termed mad. However, their music was par excellence and always evergreen, exclusively because of their uniqueness.


 Being a music producer means, being able to seamlessly slip into any role from being an engineer to a music critic. Musicality, creativity and being tech-savvy are the mainstays of having a flourishing career in the industry. The icing on the cake, is the inextinguishable passion to create legendary music, which could consume all the waking hours of a music producer.

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