To Be or Not to Be Your Own Website Designer

In today’s user-friendly tech space you may think that you should design your own website. However, there may be some instances where you should hire a professional.


Perhaps the biggest incentive to do the design work yourself is to save on costs when it comes to website pricing. Many website hosting companies have easy to use interfaces, and if you have the patience, and either the skill, or willingness to learn, you can design an attractive site for your business.

Remember that if you are DIYing it is up to you to update the website, make sure the information is current and correct, and that all links, slideshows, videos, and so on are working properly. This is also the option to have the most control when it comes to hands-on website design. However, for those starting out or on time constraints this could be a stressful, overwhelming, and time-consuming prospect.


Hiring a designer is often a good choice for your business. Unless you have a design or marketing degree you may not be the best at choosing colors, designs, or layouts for optimal web design and consumer experience. When you work with a professional designer you get the benefit of their experience and expertise.

Working with a designer is a good choice if you have complicated technical elements you want to incorporate into your design, like an advanced e-commerce or online store front, complicated media and graphics, etc. It is important to find a designer who provides some sort of follow up, maintenance, or troubleshooting help as well. That way you are not left on your own to address any issues that may come up. Some web hosting companies offer this service as part of their premium packages, which can be a convenient choice.


A hybrid of the two would be to purchase a design or template from a host site or individual that you can then modify yourself. This gives you a good head-start if you don’t know where to begin, and then you can personalize as you wish.

If you are launching your business you will want to consider your website pricing very carefully . Chances are you will have a lot of other start-up costs and this could be an area where you can and should save money. If you have a business that is established, or expanding then upgrading your website design could be a valuable choice. Think of your website as growing with your business, the smaller the business, the less fancy your website will need to be, but as you expand and grow your website should as well.

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