The Day of The Emergency Plumber

The day they had the plumbing emergency was a day that the office would never forget. The office was generally quiet that Thursday afternoon except for the rustle of papers, the hum of some of the office machinery and the ringing of telephones. There had not been any trouble in the bathroom leading up to that day so what ended up occurring was completely unexpected to those who worked at the office.

It was shortly after lunch that the first signs of trouble started. What sounded like knocking on the walls began anytime someone turned on the water in the building. Since nobody knew really what to expect in these circumstances, nobody thought to call a plumber to investigate the problem.

Around 2 pm, a large amount of water began to flow down from the ceiling, collecting in the northeast corner of the main lobby. Since the receptionist was out sick that day, the trouble went unnoticed for around 15 minutes until an employee entered the lobby area to pick up a delivery. Upon seeing the problem, she rushed out of the lobby and went to tell her co-workers about what she had seen. Since this was the most exciting thing that had happened in the office all week, everyone was eager to get up and check out the situation. By the time they had gotten to the lobby, the problem had grown much worse with fixtures and furniture being drenched and large amounts of water pouring from the ceiling.

Upon calling the building’s maintenance man, the office workers were told where the water source was and were asked to turn it off for that portion of the building. Doing as they were told, the workers noticed that the water eventually stopped flowing and they could begin the cleanup process.

One of the offices employees decided to make a call to an emergency plumber in their area. The plumber arrived to make an inspection on the damage and evaluate potential costs for repair. Once the evaluation was made and the costs were approved, the plumber began to work on the burst pipe that had caused the problem.

That day in the office was certainly exciting and not one that would soon be forgotten. Though the office workers lost a couple of chairs and had to do some cleanup, had they not made the call to the emergency plumber in Anaheim, CA, the situation could have and would have been much worse.

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