Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets are those unnoticed and unfelt but ubiquitous fixture in an office or home environment. They change the look and the feel of the office or home, dramatically. You need to give utmost care and attention in keeping them clean. Be it at home or in office, you are in constant contact with them.

A well-kept, hygienic carpet will greatly enhance the positive mood of the people. You can do carpet cleaning on you own. However, it is best to entrust this to a professional. You can find good carpet cleaning Melbourne , listed in the yellow pages. Before you entrust your costly carpets to a cleaner, you need to ask a few important questions.

  1. Technologies used

Advancement in technology has renovated the carpet cleaning methods with innovative equipment, processes and chemicals. Ask your intended cleaner to specify, how they are planning to go about the work. State-of-the art technology will save you on man hours and becomes economical.

The latest cleaning technique in market is steam cleaning. There are many carpet steam cleaning Melbourne, where you get satisfied services.

  1. Experience

You have chosen a cleaning service that has a successful run for many years. An experienced company means that they have evolved over the years, along with the evolving carpet industry.  They are comfortable with any make and fabric of carpets. Also, they have devised their own productive trademark cleaning process.

  1. Safe cleaning chemicals

You should talk to the in charge, regarding the chemicals used. They should use eco-friendly and safe chemical substances. This will keep people at your home and office healthy and comfortable. Strong chemicals have adverse effects, especially on your toddlers and pets.

  1. Guarantee

You should know about the guarantees that they give. Certain cleaning agencies provide a 30-day guarantee, for missed spots or if cleaning has not happened to your satisfaction. Make a note of such clauses in the contract you sign.

  1. Reference 

Ask for references of the cleaning agencies. You can also look-up in their websites for ratings and reviews. A well rated review from someone you know, is the best reference. You can also check on the licences and accreditation given by the government agencies.

  1. Quotes and insurance

Choose those companies that give you free quotes. Also, the services offered should be clearly mentioned in theses quotes. It is mandatory for the cleaning agency to come and check the premise to give you a realistic amount for their services. Also, the agency should be bonded and insured in case, they ruin your carpets.

  1. Pre-preparation

You have to discuss with the cleaning staff, about what preparations need to be done, before the cleaning process starts. Also, make sure to understand, how long will it take for the carpets to dry after cleaning. Ask them the do’s and don’ts, before and after cleaning.


Invest in a professional carpet cleaning agency. Sporting a well-cleaned and fragrant carpet space, will take your office or your home several notches up.

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