Few Reasons Why You Must Eat More Cookies

Chocolate can be a weakness for many. Out of different desserts available, cookies are always a favorite of many people and particularly the chocolate chip. Nothing will be more pleasurable than biting a fresh and warm chocolate cookie.

Do you know why people prefer Japanese cookies or any cookies so much? There are certainly few good reasons, and read further to know.

  1. Good for our soul

It has been proven by researchers that people who consume minimum one cookie in a week, will live a fuller, satisfying and happier life.

  1. Help us to make friends

It will be very difficult to find a person, who will honestly tell you that he does not like to receive a cookie if he is ever offered. If someone says so, then probably you are much better without having him as your friend.

If you have joined a new job then offer cookies and they will be your instant friend.

  1. So many varieties available to choose from

If you don’t like a chocolate chip then nothing to worry. There is cookie recipe book which has 200 plus pages. There are many types of cookies, we are sure that you must have never tried before.

  1. They are certainly good for you

Whatever may be your favorite cookie, we can guarantee that it will be very healthy and also delicious recipe for you.

  1. Easy portion control

It is for you to decide how big cookies that you want to make. Try to make them smaller instead of making very huge cookies. This way, you can easily eat more of these cookies and it will be equal to 1 or 2 big ones.

It will be the same calorie amount but somehow will be more satisfying. However, if you buy from store then you may not have any control on the size. Still it will be simple to know how many you are eating and also what is your calorie intake.

  1. Quick to make

If you like to buy cookies from any store or from somewhere who will make them from scratch, in very rare case anyone will take much longer than just 10 minutes for baking.

No more waiting for 30 minutes rather you can get 3 batches of cookies during that much time!

  1. Chances of finding your better half will dramatically increase

You can find large list of people who have found their better half by offering a cookie. If you don’t believe then ask your friends.

  1. Who does not love little extra cushion to push in?

In case I am getting little extra squish then I cannot think of better reason to get it than cookies.

  1. Cookies have all the necessary ingredients

If you need grains, dairy, protein, fruits, nuts then cookies have everything of all these. You can have almost whatever your body can possibly need or want. All that you need to do is be little creative.

  1. They are just so good!

Always you deserve a certain treat. Depriving from such delicacy of scrumptious cookie to yourself is just wrong.

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