Guidelines to Start and Promote Your Tea Business Online Efficiently

Your passion for tea can be transformed into a lucrative tea selling online business. You can sell tea and simultaneously enjoy different types of tea from every country. You can start selling tea from home with a computer. It seems easy but needs efforts to promote your products. There are several other things that need to be considered to avoid sudden shut down.

Even if you have a brick and mortar tea shop there are high opportunities that are missed because you have not still created an online tea shop website. It is a cost-effective way of reaching infinite potential buyers. However, if you are still new and know little about best tea products then be cautious. This niche involves plenty of expertise and it needs time to learn.

Get educated about tea

Surprisingly, tea fall under major six categories –

  • Black
  • Green
  • White
  • Oolong
  • Dark
  • Yellow

There are thousands of names, brews and blends within these categories. In different cultures the significance of tea is associated with health benefits. Owners of tea businesses have to be aware about the sources of tea, its processing methods, and health benefits. The most important thing to learn is how to store different tea types.

There is plenty to learn in this niche besides how to open and run tea shop successfully. Read books, go to seminars, join groups, and even look through online resources. It is time consuming but very useful in running an efficient tea business.

Register your tea business

An application form is provided online to fill the details regarding your online tea shop and submit it to the Internal Revenue Service for registration. On approval, you get an EIN {Employer Identification Number] necessary for tax purpose.

Purchase from wholesale tea distributors

Select popular teas as well as rare specialties, which can entice individual customers. If your business is home based then space may be an issue. Remember different tea types need to be stored differently. Therefore, choose drop shipment method but is not recommended as you will need to share customers confidential information.

It also becomes hard to customize your product labels for branding. At times, it even causes delay in shipment. Therefore, it is wise to choose wholesale distributor that can sell wholesale bulk tea but in small quantities.

Storage needs have to be considered, while purchasing tea. Green tea needs cold storage, so purchase quantity must be according to the amount that can be stored in your ice chest. Black teas stay fine at room temperature for 2 to 3 years with proper sealing. Thus, you can purchase these in relatively large quantity.

Even proper time has to be planned for different teas. Chinese green teas can be purchased in April, while Oolong tea needs to be ordered in Mid-September.

How to promote your tea business online?

Build online presence

Tea can be sold on established websites like eBay or Amazon but you can have your own website created. Every tea must have description, photos, and prices included. Your online tea shop can be promoted in different ways like creating tea blog, social networking, tweeting daily, or participating in affiliate programs.

Why create tea blog?

The trend today is to go online for learning about things as well as buying. Seekers read first about the product or services before buying or hiring. You need to get familiar with this characteristic of modern shoppers even with your tea business.

Product driven consumers make purchases on impulse but knowledge driven shoppers most probably try new products and then repeat their purchases. Knowledge has massive influence, especially when you offer potential buyers with information they come searching for.

On Google, you will find the kind of phrases people seek for regarding your niche is –

  • Drink green tea after and before exercise
  • Drink green tea prior going to bed
  • Drink green tea in pregnancy
  • Daily benefits of drinking green tea
  • Can green tea be used during periods?
  • The most ideal time to enjoy green tea

You will get myriads of ideas about the topics and you can create interesting content to promote your tea product. This means selling tea through content.

Sell tea via content

For new small businesses, setting a blog is very cost-effective marketing strategy that gives an edge over large organizations as they don’t blog. There is no need to pay significantly for advertising and a single person can execute it.

Search engines can be used freely to market your own tea products using interesting topic ideas including relevant keywords. The search bots rank web pages on the base of keywords or phrases used. It means company name is not searched for but keywords are the main focus. Be creative, less commercial and walk people through pleasant experience with personal touch like share high tea recipes, introduce new specialties or discuss about the brewing techniques.

How social networking can help your tea business?

Social networking channels offer exposure to global societies having billions of virtual occupants. For example, Facebook has 1.71 billion user communities. It means your small tea business can go international with a small investment.

Paid advertising on Twitter and Facebook is very cheap. It is a good way to reach target customers. In addition, thousands of users ask for recommendations daily.  Remember, brands engaging regularly in social media discussions induce loyalty. Therefore, social listening is crucial. People have different opinions but, on every mention, you can assign strong sentiments, which helps to attracts wide audience engagement. Thank and appreciate the ones, who are loyal towards your brand. Even think about negative comments as an opportunity to win dissatisfied clients back.

Facebook users can get engaged by reading your status, click a link, like a post or watch a video. Twitter too offers the same opportunity. People visit twitter to discover new and interesting things. The interesting fact is that a good percentage of social media users belong to 18 to 34 age category and even has the buying power, so they are likely to make purchase decision on the basis of social media influence.

Hire affiliates

Affiliates means outsource marketing. You hire affiliates to attract customers. The best part here is that you pay affiliates commission only when the potential customer they drove to your website converts into consumers.

Referral programs

Your existing customer recommends your tea product to a friend then you offer him reward under this referral program.

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