Three Ways We Are Helping The Environment

We are currently facing a big challenge as residents of the planet Earth. We are in a battle to save the environment and try to repair the damage that has been done by previous generations. We are only beginning to understand the widespread impact that things like pollution and waste have had on our environment. Some say it is too late and the damage has been done, while others work endlessly to try to steer the planet in the right direction. These battles are never ending and the efforts are making a difference. This article will look at three specific ways that green efforts are helping the Earth’s environment.

One of the first things that comes to mind when people think about saving the planet is the use of recycling. For around twenty years, we have implemented recycling programs in almost every city in America. We have been encouraged to separate our plastics from our glass and give our recycling trash to the city along with our normal trash. Recycling has allowed for less waste to be created, with old products being re-used to create new products. This has had a positive effect on the environment as re-purposed items are becoming more commonplace and waste has been decreased as a result.

As the country became more industrialized, we began to lose focus on the value of things like farming. In recent years, farming has entered the public debate with many calling for an increased focus on the value that is inherent with farming and what it does for our society. This effort has not gone unnoticed, as urban farms, farmer’s markets and many other sources of farming have become more commonplace as an alternative to processed foods and corporate purchases. This has allowed for farmers to use their land for good, individuals to have alternatives for their food and has given strength to the value of growing our own foods, even in the city.

Pollution is one of the biggest struggles that we are facing as a society, with our cars especially being a source of concern. Many countries have enacted laws that require emissions monitoring of vehicles. Air emission monitoring allows us to know that the vehicles that are being driven are not creating pollution that is dangerous to the environment and deadly to human beings. These are quality tests have become commonplace, with many cities enacting no burn laws and strict laws on vehicle emissions. This is having a positive effect, as a wider variety of alternatives have become available to people looking for cars that will not pollute, such as electric cars or hybrid vehicles.

Mankind is currently enacting many efforts to help curb the damage that has been done to the environment and educate the masses on good practices. These efforts have had a positive impact, as the use of recycling, an increased value in farming, air emission monitoring, and many other practices, have had a positive impact not only on our environment, but the public consciousness as well.

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