Different Ways to Dress Yourself in A Hippie Look

Hippie look is trending these days. It is a desirable look for a 70’s themed party. If you are looking for a carefree and fun outfit for your much-awaited upcoming fancy dress party, then hippie style can be a best option for you. In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the best tips to dress in a hippie costume with matching accessories.


Hippies are popular for their characteristic hairdos. Wearing an afro wig will get you the 70’s look. Besides this style, there are a few other iconic hippie outfits to adopt a modern and refreshing hippie look. Long hair locks, either be super curly, or straight with braids or plaits, have always been symbolic of hippies. These people are fond of showing off their beautiful long tresses.


After selecting the hairstyle, now comes the headwear. Choosing the right headwear is not a difficult task. If you wish to take the easy and quick route, the pick some fresh flowers preferably colorful and adorn your hair with them to enhance your beauty. If you are unable to do that, then there is one more alternative that you can try.

It is to use a headband. This headband can be braided suede or leather. To make it more captivating, you can even include different shapes of feathers too. This will help you get a perfect hippie look and grab the eyeballs of people too.


Okay, now the head part is over. We can now move to selecting hippie outfits. So, to begin with, we will choose the right shirt that gives a simple and relaxed look to the wearer. This is what a hippie style is. A basic white colored blouse that has flowing sleeves or a plain white shirt with long sleeves will be appropriate for this theme.

If you are looking for a peaceful look, embellish it with peace symbols. If you want it to be more psychedelic, then go for a shirt with crazy patterns! You can opt for paisley designs on the fabric, or put suede or fringed leather vest on the shirt.


Another important area that you need to consider is a hippie’s pants. When dressing for a hippie look, pants have to be equally creative as a shirt. It should be a combination of fun and creativity. Flared pants in brown color, or bright color with catchy patterns and colorful inserts would get you the perfect hippie look. Complete the look with suede or braided leather belts.


Now once the clothing part is completed, you may now move to shoes.  You need to pay attention to shoes as well as it is one of the things that distinguishes hippie. Ugg boots or moccasins, made using suede or wool usually available in brown colors or earthy tones. These make a fantastic way to dress in a flawless and real traditional hippie style.


Whether you want to dress up in a psychedelic hippie or a relaxed hippie style, all these tips will make your costume simply amazing and your event a memorable one.

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