Types of Wall Plates

Wall plates are a fairly small detail in a room but that doesn’t mean they’re insignificant. You can use wall plates to spread a certain color or material throughout a room, creating a flow.


Metallic wall plate covers can be matched to light fixtures, cabinet hardware, picture frames, and many other objects you may have in a room. Adding splashes of a metallic throughout a room will turn the color into a proper part of the color scheme instead of it being a color that’s just there. This helps the room feel more unified and put together. And, since most light fixtures are metallic regardless of what style the room is, a metallic switch plate will fit in with any style room.


Wood wall plates are perfect for traditional or rustic homes. They give a vintage and natural feel to a room, especially when surrounded by other wood. Imagine having a wall plate that matches your bookshelf.


Stone has a very natural and outdoorsy feel to it. Adding a stone wall plate to a sunroom, enclosed patio, or a room with a lot of plants will help add to the natural feel already in the room. In addition, stone wall plates are somewhat uncommon compared to other types of plates, so they’ll look unique and interesting.


White is the classic color for wall plates. Doorways and baseboards are often white, so white wall plates almost always have something to match with. And, even when they don’t, white doesn’t stand out. It’s a color that goes with everything and is easy to overlook when there are so many other colors to focus on. This makes white a great choice for a wall plate in any room.


If you’d prefer something with all the dramatic flair you can get, black is what you want. It stands out boldly against every other color. The sleek boldness of black is perfect for any modern room. But, black is a color you have to be careful with. Since it draws so much attention, black objects can become the focal point of a room. If you’re using black as a large part of your color scheme, that’s perfect. But, your wall plates might end up overshadowing other aspects of the room’s design.

Wall plates come in a variety of designs, so you’ll definitely be able to find one that gives you exactly the look you’re going for in a room.

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