Get to Know About the Different Massage Types to Make the Right Choice

Massage is a kneading and rubbing of body with the help of hands. The massage therapist applies strong or gentle pressure on different joints and muscles, so as to relieve the tension and pain. The therapist has to be trained, certified and licensed to give massage.

There are multiple kinds of massage, so get to know them and choose one that suits your healing needs.

Swedish massage for managing minor pain

It is a gentle full-body massage. Perfect type for those having plenty of tension, sensitive to touch or is new to massage. A combination of long flowing strokes, kneading, deep circular motions, tapping and vibration as well as inert joint movement techniques are employed.

Hot & stone massage for muscle soreness and tension

Heated stones get placed on your body in different areas. The therapist then massages different body parts gently using Swedish massage technique. The therapist at Hand and Stone Cherry Creek offers hot stone massage, which helps to enhance blood flow, ease muscle tension, reduce pain, relieve stress and promote relaxation.

Aroma therapy massage for emotional healing

Essential oils are applied on the skin and the therapist then massages using soft and gentle pressure. While inhaling the aroma of essential oils through diffuser as well as with massage they get absorbed through the skin will help to boost your mood. In addition, aroma therapy massage reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It even reduces pain and muscle tension. People sensitive to essential oils or smell must avoid this kind of massage.

Deep tissue massage for chronic pain relief

More pressure is given to solve chronic muscle issues like imbalance, injury or soreness. It also helps to relieve from anxiety, chronic muscle pain and tightened muscles. Deep finger pressure and slow strokes are used to relieve tension from deep tissue layers.

Sports massage for increased flexibility

Playing sports make athletes vulnerable to repetitive use injury. Sports massage helps to avoid such vulnerability. In addition, increases flexibility and boosts performance.

Trigger point massage for reducing chronic pain

Trigger points mean tightness in some muscle tissue areas, which is painful. This kind of massage concentrates on such trigger points to reduce the pain. Broad and gentle flowing strokes are combined with strong deep pressure.

Reflexology for energy level restoration

If you don’t like anyone touching your entire body then reflexology is best to restore natural energy levels. In reflexology, gentle to strong pressure is applied on specific points of your hands, feet and ears.

Shiatsu massage for total relaxation

It is Japanese style massage, which helps to promote physical and emotional calmness and relaxation. It even relieves you from headache, anxiety, stress, depression and even muscle tension. The therapist makes use of thumbs, palms and hands to offer rhythmic pressure on areas that need more attention.

Thai massage for better blood circulation

Thai massage helps to enhance energy levels, flexibility and circulation. It is just like yogic stretching. Palms and fingers are used to apply strong pressure. In addition, you get twisted and stretched in different positions.

Communicate with the therapist about what you expect and enjoy the session!

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