4 Types of Medical Equipment That Require Chillers

There are certain pieces ofmedical equipment that need low temperatures to function efficiently. This is where a chiller comes in: to provide the required temperature for these machines.

When medical equipment is running, it generates a lot of heat. If it’s constantly working for a long time, damages may occur if there’s no cooling system available to dissipate the heat. That’s why having a system that provides the desired temperature is essential. Here are some of the medical tools that require a chiller.

MRI Scanner

An MRI machine has a powerful radio transmitter that generates an electromagnetic field whenever it captures an image. Because of the energy that it produces, the magnets inside of it heats up. Without a cooling system for MRI in place, heat may buildup in its magnets which may cause serious damage to the machine.

It’s important to note that the magnets of MRI equipment should be cold enough to prevent possible malfunctions. An MRI cooling system is necessary to provide an adequate temperature to sustain the efficiency of an MRI scanner.

CT Scanner

ACTscanner uses X-ray tubes that produce radiation to capture the cross-sectional image of a body. The tubes of this machine heat up fast, and it requires 10 to 30 minutes before it cools down.

The cooling time that’s required by the CT scanner may cause delays in patient care. When using a cooling system like a chiller, the time required to cool the machine down will be reduced significantly. This will also allow the CT scan machine to continuously operate without any delay leading to more patients being accommodated.

PET Scanner

A PET scanner is a machine that is used to detect diseases such as cancer and heart problems. A special dye that contains radioactive tracer is used along with this machine to detect the possible illnesses in the body.

Just like a CT scanner, a PET scanner uses an X-ray tube that produces tons of heat. A cooling system such as a chiller can help reduce the heat that this machine produces, therefore allowing the machine to operate continuously.

Medical Linear Accelerator or LINAC

LINAC equipment is used for radiation therapy to treat cancer in the body. It destroys the cancer cell by producing high-energy X-rays or electrons that can damage and eradicate a tumor that’s hidden deep within the body.

The heat required to produce high energy X-rays is high. Because of this, a cooling system is required to control the temperature of the LINAC machine so that the heat that it produces doesn’t exceed its threshold.

Many machines that are used in a medical facility require chillers. Having a cooling system to help control the temperature of this equipment will ensure that they’re running at peak performance. The continuous operation of these medical marvels ensures that patients get the healthcare they need. A CT scanner or an MRI cooling system will help sustain the machine’s efficiency and lifespan.

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