Home Décor Guide – When to Use Ceiling Fan Or Chandelier

Selection between a ceiling fan and a chandelier is a tough decision. Often couple debate which one to buy at the time of remodeling their home. Both of these options have their own advantages and disadvantages. To decide which one will suit best to your needs, you need to learn about them in detail.

When should you go for a ceiling fan than a chandelier?

A ceiling fan is kind of an appliance that is installed at the ceiling. This electrically powered device has got an electric motor that moves its blades that waft air in the entire room.

Generally, a ceiling fan has a bigger size as compared to other commonly available fans. This device is beneficial in lighting, pest control and air conditioning. In this chandelier ceiling fan guide, we are listing a few situations of when should you go for a ceiling fan than a chandelier.

If you want to reduce electricity consumption

Ceiling fans are seen to use very less amount of electricity when compared to an air conditioner. Fans can reduce HVAC-related utility bills by around thirty-five percentage. So, ceiling fans lower the requirement for an air conditioner unit in several cases. This is not performed by chandeliers.

When you are thinking of purchasing a ceiling fan, you need to ensure to select the ones that are rated as “Energy Star.” Fans that come with energy rating are 20% more efficient of displacing air as compared to ordinary varieties.

Bug Deterrents

During the summers and the spring season, most of the households suffer from pests and insects like moths, mosquitoes, ants and flies. Ceiling fans also act as a good bug deterrent. If you mount superior quality ceiling fans at specific locations of your home, then it can even discourage spread of pests in your home. Bugs are dangers to deadly diseases that necessitate an easy and smart way to eliminate pests from a place.

Besides chemicals, pesticides, ultrasound repellants and electric killers, ceiling fans are a mechanical means to makes it difficult for pests to fly. This keeps these stubborn creatures away from your house.

When to use a chandelier?

Exquisite lighting

Chandeliers are a form of suspended-lights that besides lighting a place, also makes it exquisite. Traditional form of chandeliers comes with a minimalist design with lamps and bulbs. Advanced chandeliers have got gems and LEDs in them that employs classic as well as conventional designs.


None of the ceiling fan models can beat in terms of the aesthetic quality brought by a chandelier. The lamp comprises of creatively designed a number of patterned lights that hangs on its ceiling. The elegance and beauty of lamps enunciate into any decor style and interior design.


A ceiling fan is a better option in a few cases, while chandeliers offer extra benefits over ceiling fans. The selection depends from one person to person and factors like installation, noise, benefits, aesthetics, etc. Hope by the end of reading this article, you will be well informed to make the best decision.

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