Do You Want to Get Driving Licence? A Few Important Tips to Follow

To drive any kind of vehicle on the public road in every country including UK, you must have proper driving licence. In this article, we will try to explain the process involved for obtaining driving licence particularly in the UK.

Applying for provisional driving licence

​In case, you will be 17 years of age in the next 3 months, then you are eligible to apply for provisional driving licence. As per the law, you should be minimum 17 years old to drive your car, however for driving a moped or motorcycle you can be just 16.

You are entitled to apply for provisional licence even if you are just 3 months short of reaching to 16 years old.

To apply for provisional driving licence, it is essential that you are a resident of UK, and fulfil the requirement of minimum age and also meet the eyesight requirement. In case, you need contact lenses or glasses to meet your eyesight standard, then they must always be worn whenever you drive.

You may apply for the provisional driving license from online by filling all your necessary details and also paying the necessary fees. Within couple of weeks, your provisional license will arrive at your address.

Alternatively, you can also apply by completing all the necessary application form that you can get at the local Post Office. You will require to submit your application form by post along with original documents and necessary fee by postal order.

In case, your application for provisional driving licence is accepted then you will receive green photo card which is important and you will need it in the future too and hence you must preserve it in safe place.

For applying for driving license, you will also need to book theory test and clear both driving theory and practical test and once you have passed both tests then your previous green photo-card will get replaced by pink driving license.

Rules meant for provisional drivers

​With provisional driving license, you are allowed to drive under supervision of any licensed driver. That licensed driver must sit in front passenger seat. The person must be above 21 years old and must be holding license for at least 3 years.

Learners must also display ‘L’ plate both on the back and front of their vehicles. Also, they are not allowed to drive on a motorway.

About the theory tests

​You will be allowed to participate in your practical test for driving only after passing the test for driving theory. After you are ready for appearing in the theory test then you may apply online. Then you will need the number of provisional driving licence, your email address to book confirmation and also your credit or debit card.

The practical test

​After you have cleared your theory test then you will be eligible for practical driving test. However, driving instructor who is training you must confirm that you are fully ready for taking up the test for practical driving. After that, you can book for it online.

You will again need the provisional driving license number and credit or debit card to pay the necessary fees.

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