Things to Do before You Renovate the Basement

Renovating a basement can add valuable living area to your home. However, there are some definite things you will want to do before you roll out the red carpet.


The biggest issue basements tend to have is with moisture. Look for obvious signs of water leaking in through the walls, and ensure that the land around the house slopes away from the foundation. Adding a vapor barrier in between the walls and flooring is another good idea to help avoid these issues. If your basement already has some mold you should hire a professional company to make sure it has been eradicated before you begin remodeling. Mold can be very tricky to remove and hard to spot, so it is best to work with an experienced mold removal company.

Once the construction is finished, running a dehumidifier in the space can be a good way to keep residual moisture at bay. If your basement is prone to flooding you should install a reliable sump pump, avoid using carpet, and install flooring that is water resistant and easy to clean.


If your basement is unfinished the concrete of the floor may not be in the best condition. You will want to make sure the surface is ready for the padding and additional flooring to go on top. You should clean the concrete and fix any damages with a product that is specially designed for concrete floor crack repair.

Attaching plywood and framing to concrete is vastly different than other materials. You will want to hire a qualified construction company to ensure they use the right fasteners and supports. You should also get an expert opinion on what type of insulation you should use in the area.


Before you begin you should make sure you have acquired any necessary permits and permissions from your city. Certain areas have special codes for tornado safety, fire, etc. If you plan to install plumbing or electricity into the space you will need to work with your local municipalities to make sure your plans are up to code before you begin. Your insurance agent should be notified about the renovations as well, to see how the new remodel will affect your insurance benefits and rates.

Most codes are very specific when it comes to the area surround HVAC units like the water heater and furnace. So keep these areas clear and unfinished. You can still give these areas a nice touch by using concrete floor crack repair solutions to give a good floor finish, and keep the space uncluttered.

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